Bee Lab coworking is more than a working space. It is a creative and innovative open space, were you can collaborate with other professionals and obtain synergies. Look for the best desk which suits your working style and needs.

You will easily increase your productivity and your networking.


Dedicated desk will provide all you need to increase your efficiency at work:

  • Big independent working desk.
  • High speed internet/ethernet connection.
  • Drawer/storage.
  • Unlimited use of meeting rooms.
  • Office, relaxing corners.
  • Business Promotion through Bee Lab network.
  • Phone booth.
  • Printing/scanning.
  • Concierge-Packages, mail and guest reception.
  • Coffe, snacks, happy hours & parties.
  • Access code.
  • Networking activities.
  • Security & cleaning.


Bring your laptop, choose a nice place and start working …

  • Choose your daily seat.
  • High speed internet/ethernet connection.
  • 8 hours/month meeting room included.
  • Office, relaxing corners.
  • Phone booth.
  • Printing/scanning.
  • Concierge-Packages, mail and guest reception.
  • Coffe, snacks, happy hours & parties.
  • Access code.
  • Networking activities.
  • Security & cleaning.

An Innovative  & Creative workspace


our services meeting rooms a place to meet with your team or clients
our services high speed internet wifi & ethernet 400mb
our services common & rest areas
our services chats & events focused on topics you are interested in
our services flexibility we try to adapt to your needs
where you can have lunch or just have a coffee
our services networking, be part of the beehive
our services coworking printer & scanner
our services phone box, private room where you can skype or video chat with no one bothering you



  • 82%
  • 18%

82% of coworkers, increase their contact network.


  • 77%
  • 23%

77% of coworkers had a productivity increase.


  • 89%
  • 11%

89% of coworkers feels more creative in a shared environment.


  • 93%
  • 7%

93% feel happier in a coworking space.

Fuente: Rockable Freelance Confidential Survey


One of the main challenges for those who work as freelancers or decide to start a business is to find the perfect space to work. There are alternatives such as renting offices, working at home or going to cafés with Wi-Fi connection. However, each of these have certain disadvantages that do not allow you to use 100% of the capacity. That’s why today we present a list of the benefits of leaving conventional work spaces and start using coworking centers.

· You decide your working schedule

· Your office cost will come down

· No more distractions!

· Better planning

· Increase your knowledge sharing it with others

· Expand your network

Shared work spaces in bee lab coworking madrid

Goodbye loneliness! ·

Boost your creativity ·

Increase of productivity ·

You will find the perfect space to work ·

Avoid limitations of a conventional office ·

Isn´t it enough? ·

Once you are aware of the benefits of coworking, dare to try it and live personally the advantages it offers. It will help you grow your business and increase your productivity, but it will also allow you to develop better as a person and professional. We invite you to join Bee Lab Coworking.

Do I need to start on day 1?

No, every day of the month is good to join Bee Lab.

Who are the Bee Lab people?

Our community is formed by a lot of different experts.  One of our strengths is that you can find expertise from consultants, creatives, technologists, legal experts, communication agencies, marketing professionals, experienced human resources managers, catering companies, web experts, financial advisors, etc. All of them willing to help and interact with you.

I´m foreigner. Its Bee Lab for me?

Bee Lab is the only coworking space in Madrid specialized in Non National coworkers.  We can help you on your relocation in Madrid and starting or developing your business in our city. We love multiculturalism and diversity.

Can I receive visits?

Of course, all visitors are welcome. Bring them to Bee Lab, make them a tour, invite them to a coffee.

For your our security and the rest of coworkers, please do not let visits alone, and make them know we are a working space.

How many desks may I rent?

As much as there are available.

Can I transfer my desk to another person?

Not really. The desks are non-transferable.

Can I change my plan once I start?

Yes, with at least one month of anticipation you can change your plan. Change will be effective the first day of the month after notification.

When should I say I´m leaving?

At least one month. Two months if you are using a closed office.

If I have an open seat and arrive late, will I have problems to find a seat?

We have enough open seats, so actually there is no problem.

Can I do call-center activities in Bee Lab?

Bee Lab is not the best place for call-center activities, although we do have a phone booth if you prefer to make your calls in a separate space. No problem if you make your normal calls and conversations in the open space.