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Borja Arribas Die


Borja arribas coworking madrid

Alfredo Die



Queen Bees, Drones & Worker bees 

Select by Sara


Select by sara beelabpeople coworking madrid


Product´s second life

phenix beelabpeople coworking madrid


Connecting #waterpeople

iagua beelabpeople centro de trabajo madrid bee lab


Programming studio

Kodens centro coworking bee lab madrid


Profesional Marketing

allwelovedesign beelabpeople madrid


Innovation semantic applications

Creactives centro coworking bee lab madrid

LMA Creativos

Graphic & video design

Laura Mingo coworking madrid beelab

Be English

English lessons for everyone

logo be english


Engineering sistems

genelek sistemas coworking madrid

Comunica tu Flow

Communication & Marketing

Comunica tu flow en el coworking bee lab madrid


IT Consulting & Services

racksa coworking madrid

Blue pad

Electronic event organizer

logo blue pad


Consulting Network

argos consulting network for bee lab´s coworking coworkers web page in madrid

Alex Jiménez Wiener

Strategic consultant

Alex Jimenez Wiener beelabpeople coworking madrid

Juan Cortazar

Web design

Juan cortazar beelabpeople madrid coworking

Lisandro Weimarques

Marketing & Web design

lisandro beelabpeople coworking madrid

Miguel Fermín

Software development KODENS

Miguel fermin beelabpeople coworking madrid trabajo

Jokin Alonso

Software development KODENS

Jokin beelabpeople coworkers madrid bee lab

Elena Niño

Software development KODENS

Elena beelabpeople coworkers madrid bee lab

Amanda Fanoun


Amanda beelabpeople coworking madrid

Rudy Jacob

Big Data

Rudy Jacob beelabpeople coworking madrid

Thomas Newman

VIVA Financial Tuition

Thomas beelabpeople coworking madrid

Hugo Newman

VIVA Financial Tuition

Hugo beelabpeople coworking madrid

Carlos Ortega

Computer security consultant

Carlos Ortega en el coworking Madrid

Gaspar Baleriola

Environmental consultant

Gaspar Baleriola beelabpeople en el coworking Madrid

Rhodelinda Julián

Comunica tu Flow

Rho comunica tu flow en coworking bee lab madrid

Laura Alesanco

Comunica tu Flow

Laura comunica tu flow en coworking bee lab madrid

Mariana Coelho


Our coworker Mariana in our relaxing room

Laura Mingo

Lma Creativos

Our coworker Laura Mingo in one of our coworking areas

Rubén Imbers

Genelek Sistemas

ruben de imbers coworking madrid

Blue pad team

equipo de blue pad en bee lab coworking en madrid

Ramón López

Tourism and Hospitality

Our coworker Ramón in the Bee Lab´s coworking reception

Julio Mata

Argos Consulting Network

Julio Mata, one of our coworkers who has recentley joined Bee Lab coworking

Fernando Pomar

Real State

Our coworker Fernando in the Bee Lab´s coworking reception

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come and join us