Rental of conference room for courses lectures and workshops in Madrid

Bee Lab coworking stands out for its multi-functionality. Any idea or proposal has a place in our more than 400m2. Come to meet us and see the great possibilities we offer. We try to cover your needs, so you can rent our meeting or training rooms for hours, days or months.

Our team will know how to advise you closely and professionally with each of the details about your event, to optimize your resources and get the most of your image, brand or product.

We are fully equipped with technical quality, including high speed Internet access in all rooms and offices. We also offer different types of furniture so you can customize your meeting or event. We try to facilitate the organization and development of your events in order to minimize your efforts and investment.

Space is an essential part of your events and Bee Lab coworking is a guarantee of success.

Private Desks

Are you looking for more privacy? Do you need one separate space for your employees? In Bee Lab coworking we have private offices for 3, 4, 5 and 8 pax with table, comfortable chairs and filing cabinets. The offices have WIFI and ethernet conexion up to 400mb. Using a private office, you have unlimited access to the meeting rooms, relaxing corners, and kitchen with free coffee and lockers.

private desk in bee lab coworking in madrid
Bee Lab´s coworking meeting room in Madrid

Meeting room

The Bee Lab Coworking meeting room may perfectly suit your needs. Perfect to receive clients, maintain team meetings, or small talks to small groups. With capacity for 8 persons, fixed board and flipchart. It also has internet connection by cable (400Mb), monitor and coffee facilities. If you are looking to rent a meeting room in Madrid, you are in the right place.

Meeting room rates: 15€/h + IVA/VAT

Fixed desk: Free use ·

Open desk: 8h/month included ·

Conference room

Flexibility is the best word to define our training room. Do you need to give a talk? Do you need a classroom? Present your project, or hold a workshop? In Bee Lab coworking we try to adapt to your needs and we give you the possibility to rent our room for hours, days or months. With our specialized managers, who will help you find the best furniture distribution.

· Capability of 25 seated.

· HD proyector, 22inch screen, flipchart, wifi, etc. All you need!

· Rate: 35€/h + IVA

· For more hours we have special rates.

Bee Lab´s coworking conference room in Madrid
open space detail in bee lab coworking space in madrid

Open space

The broader area of ​​our coworking. Our large windows full of natural light will captivate you. The vast open space is where you may find all the dedicated and open seats, with wide tables, high speed internet connection (400mb) and wifi. At the entrance is our reception, where you will find the photocopier-printer-scanner. Without a doubt the most comfortable place!

Lounge/ Chill Out zone

Do you need a break? In our relax area you can take a break in the middle of the day and sink in a sofa reading a magazine or having a drink. Entertain yourself trying to score a basket or practicing your putt. Will you manage to overcome the triple record in our basket? Not easy…

relaxing zone in Bee Lab coworking in Madrid
office in coworking madrid


Our big kitchen is the silent witness of lots of networking, happy hours, important conversations and also soccer chats. We have a fridge where you can leave your food until lunchtime and a microwave to heat the food. You may use all the tableware. We also have tables to eat in the kitchen without the smells of food bothering other coworkers. A coffee in the middle of the morning? Our coffee maker is at your disposal. You also have individual lockers where you can lock your personal belongings while you are at Bee Lab.

Phone Booth

If you need some privacy to make a call in a quieter environment without noise and without anyone bothering you, or you have to attend a video call, Facetime or Skype, you can access the phone box at any time. We can provide you with earphones, tablet and micro if needed.

phone box room to make videoconferences in coworking madrid